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Photo: Phil OhAs a model-turned-photographer, Hanneli Mustaparta is one of the few who understands the world of street style in front of and behind the camera. This season, though, there hasn’t been time for capturing MODs (models-off-duty) in her schedule. And when I spy her outside of the Marc by Marc Jacobs show, dashing off to an appointment at Calvin Klein, she is stopped at least a dozen times in the course of one block, turning the sidewalk into an impromptu photo shoot; a tilt of the head this way, a subtle bend of the knee that way. “When I’m shooting, I actually prefer it when people are not aware of the cameras at all,” she says. “People are most beautiful when they’re not trying.” Her self-portraits are inspired by early noughties paparazzi snaps of the Olsen twins even if the production values of her work are not exactly incidental. To set up a picture, Mustaparta gauges light levels and framing so that all that is required for the shot is an assisted click of the button. (She jokingly calls the friends and family that help her “live tripods.”) “It was never my dream to be a model. I’ve wanted to be a photographer since I was a child,” says Mustaparta who has modeled for the likes of Rag & Bone and whose first assignment was a portrait of her mother and father she took with an analog SLR when she was just six years old. “I have learned a lot from being in front of the camera.”Granted, not all of us are blessed with Mustaparta’s runway proportions—or her photography skills for that matter—but there are, she explains, some easy tricks to looking your best in a picture. So should you find yourself caught outside the tents in London, Milan, or Paris, or if you’re just looking to improve your personal party shots, here is a list of her top six tips:1. Remember to listen up: “A good photographer gives direction, so it’s important to listen even amidst the din. It makes for a better picture.”2. Avoid an unnatural expression: “The best pictures come when you’re relaxed, so leave the pout you practiced in your bedroom at home.”3. Create a flattering line: “Instead of putting your hand on your hip in a pose-y way, try standing at a slight angle—what is known in the photography world as a three-quarter. It’s more flattering than being straight on.”4. Get leaner-looking arms: “If you’re self-conscious about your arms, try and keep your arms a little away from, instead of up close, against your body.”5. Avoid a double chin: “A lot of people get nervous about their chin in pictures. A good way to avoid that is to lean forward on the balls of your feet. It might feel awkward at first, but with practice you’ll get the hang. It’s wonderful for posture.”6. How to hold your purse: “Never have your purse at bloomingdaleu0026#39;s michael kors belts the crook of your elbow. That boho bag and Starbucks cup look is very dated. Wear it over your shoulder or in your hand, never in between. A bag that falls to the hip can make you look broad, so it’s best to have it sideways, toward the back of the frame.”For more street style, click through Phil Oh’s images from New York Fashion Week. See Hanneli’s Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl.

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Nail art will continue to be a thing for a at least a little bit longer, thanks to a new reality competition show called Nailed It!. The series will feature top nail artists from around the country competing for the title of Ultimate Nail Artist (and a big cash prize). Fashionista Street style photographer, fashion illustrator and lifestyle writer Garance Doré just landed a book deal. It’ll have all the pretty pictures and personal musing her blogs does, but look much nicer on a coffee table. WWD This is what Beyoncé’s new hair cut looks like curly. (Because we know you aren’t sick of looking at it yet!) Instagram Would you spend $1,000 on a T-shirt from J.Crew? How about one with over 35,000 crystals, sequins, beads and paillettes? POPSUGAR Fashion Is you haven’t heard of French brand Jacquemus, it’s time to get acquainted. Harper’s Bazaar David Beckham stars in the newest campaign for his H M michael kors caicos sunglasses yellow bodywear line. Our favorite photos are the shirtless ones. WWD

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Photographed by Elizabeth LippmanOh to be in England, where Fashion Week means throwing a nutty, Alice in Wonderland–worthy tea party at a hotel so chic it has Tom Sachs’s Chanel Chain Saw in the window.The witty knitwear specialist Markus Lupfer throws this fete in the Billiards Room of the Sanderson, and it’s a most welcome break from the traditional fashion show: The models are seated in a Red Grooms–ish version of a train; there are scones, clotted cream, and jam on hand (some other good things about England!), and an all-American sound track that includes James Brown’s “Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine” and Smokey Robinson and the Miracles’ “Tears of a Clown” (is this cardboard Orient Express and its gorgeous passengers stopping in Motown?).“I like a bit of fun in fashion,” explains Lupfer, a master of understatement. And indeed, when his offerings aren’t bright orange or brandishing giant embellished lips—the label’s trademark—they frequently feature the Dalmatian-worthy spots that are fast becoming a signature of fall 2011. But Lupfer michael kors sunglasses purple isn’t the only one having a good time: The models in their imaginary berths are actually smiling and talking to each other, their perfect ponytails swishing happily over a plethora of polka dots.

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.* Appears coupon for michael kors bag more than once ** Deceased*** In 2002, Friels was ordered by an Australian court not to assault, harass or otherwise threaten his wifeNotes: Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have been together since 1988 but have not married. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been together since 1983 but have not married.Delta Burke and Gerard McRaney will celebrate their 20th anniversary on May 28th.Fingers crossed!

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When scouting out your fall wardrobe—a task you’ve likely already begun, considering are michael kors sunglasses made in china it’s nearly September already (!)—the handbag department’s always a sound place to start. Luckily, whether you’re in the market for a new work-appropriate tote, weekend-ready cross-body or smart-looking satchel, the fall collections were packed with major potential on all fronts. Click through to discover 10 top-notch bags we’re currently coveting.

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You know how it is: billionaire Amazon.com founder was just playing around on the Internet, idly researching whether a certain waterproof iPod player could be used in the shower, when he saw something else, something much more awesome than a waterproof iPod player, and splurged. That thing: The Washington Post, which, media critics will be quick to point out, is less likely to function well in the shower. Bezos referred to the paper as “an important institution”—the mogul equivalent of “it seemed cool and I had a gift card.”According to an iPod shower radio the Post, Bezos “will pay $250 million in cash for the Post and affiliated publications to the Washington Post Co., which owns the newspaper and other businesses.” Free shipping, though?What’s in store michael michael kors sandals – eleni for the Washington D.C.–based daily? “Seattle-based Amazon will have no role in the purchase; Bezos himself will buy the news organization and become its sole owner when the sale is completed, probably within 60 days. The Post Co. will change to a new, still-undecided name.” Given the literal implications or papers and fire, we would suggest against “Kindle” or any of its variants. And, for similar reasons, “Pet Urine Mop. ”See also: Sarah Ellison on The Washington Post.

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Michal Czerwonka for The Wall Street Journal Richard Dickson and his carry-on bag for frequent cross-country flights. Richard Dickson’s office is in New York, but his wife and two sons, ages 8 and 10, reside in Los Angeles. For the bicoastal back-and-forth, the Jones Group president packs a Thom Browne duffel.Managing the commute requires “seamless” organization, which Mr. Dickson approaches with zeal. “I’m going to come off like ‘Rain Man,’ ” he says, as the bag’s contents reflect his fastidious nature. The interior of his black canvas-and-leather duffel is neat as a pin. On top are a series of plastic folders, each labeled to identify their contents—task lists, reminders of phone calls to make, reading material. “I don’t like loose papers,” he says. At the bottom are snacks—mints, almonds and protein bars. Michal Czerwonka for The Wall Street Journal Beats by Dr. Dre headphones assist with napping on the plane. To nap on the plane to L.A., Mr. Dickson reaches into his bag for his James Perse hoodie, retrieves his Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, which play music and block out sound, and gets out a cashmere blanket. Standard-issue airplane eye masks aren’t an option. “I see those people with those eye masks,” he says. “I know they don’t see what they look like, but I see.” He uses his hood to shield his eyes. Also tucked in the bag are his wallet, from Louis Vuitton, and prescription glasses from Oliver Peoples. He keeps two pairs of sunglasses—Oliver Peoples and Rag Bone—in case he loses one. Michal Czerwonka for The Wall Street Journal 2. Rag Bone prescription sunglasses. He carries two pairs of sunglasses in case one is lost. 3. Mints. 4. More mints. 5. Montblanc pen. 6. Prescription Oliver Peoples glasses. 7. A protein bar. He says he buys them by the case. 8. Almonds. 9. A plastic zip bag from a Tokyo shop holds toiletries including toothpaste, a travel toothbrush and Aleve pain reliever There is a Montblanc pen, an iPad and keyboard and his iPhone and BlackBerry. A plastic zip bag that he bought at a Tokyo stationery shop contains a toothbrush and toothpaste, Burt’s Bees lip balm and a small envelope of Aleve pain reliever.”I love it. It makes it simple,” he says, zipping the bag closed with a fond pat. Christina Binkley Write to Christina Binkley at Corrections Amplifications In an earlier version of this article, the michael kors wide belts Jones Group was misidentified as the Jones Apparel Group. The White House raced on Monday to persuade Congress to authorize military action in Syria, after President Barack Obama, in one of the biggest gambles of his presidency, handed the volatile issue to lawmakers. Bank of America is selling its entire stake in China Construction Bank for up to $1.5 billion, exiting an investment it made in China’s second-biggest bank eight years ago. Russia’s Defense Ministry detected the launch of two ballistic objects in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and the country’s defense minister briefed President Vladimir Putin, Russian newswires cited the ministry as saying. Microsoft struck a $7 billion deal to buy Nokia’s core cellphone business, a bold move to try to catch up in a fast-growing mobile market that is now dominated by Samsung and Apple.

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Last night michael kors sunglasses ludlow the girls of Girls traveled to a warehouse party in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the rare variety whose organizers have the good sense to cushion Questionable Goods sets between crowd-pleasing Mark Ronson songs. It was there that our heroines were confronted with the ghosts of relationships past, present, and future, in the spectral forms of Charlie, Jeff, and Adam.After the not-bad Questionable Goods performance, Marnie marches up on stage to say hello to Charlie, her ex-boyfriend of two weeks. He tells her it’s nice to see her. “I thought it might be,” she responds. Impossibly, this will not even make the top ten most unsympathetic things Marnie will say at the party. The first spot belongs to her next line, which is the following: “All I ever wanted for you was to find satisfaction outside of our relationship.” (Yikes! Defend that condescending, egomaniacal mess of a good tiding, Bruce and Sarah.) In fact, Charlie has found satisfaction out of their relationship—and satisfaction, thy name is Audrey, Charlie’s brand new girlfriend, who’s never even heard of Marnie. “Are you one of those Real Housewives?” Audrey asks, devilishly and quite aware of what she’s doing. Marnie storms off and spends the remainder of the evening complaining—to a complete stranger, to Hannah’s gay ex-boyfriend Elijah—about the run-in.Marnie is bewildered that Charlie’s moved on. “You’d have a hard time getting over me,” she informs said complete stranger. Maybe—but the speed of moving on oftentimes doesn’t depend as much on the quality of the previous relationship as it does the excitement of the new relationship. And it may hinge partially on the horridness of the tacky purple dress and junior-prom-style low ponytail worn by the other participant in the previous relationship.Speaking of ponytails: let’s go to Jeff, the ghost of relationships present! Jessa’s married, 40-something boss, carrying a nerdy bottle of wine, arrives at the party, too. (He texted Jessa, and Jessa, not knowing who it was who was texting, invited him to come.) Due to his ill advised, tongue-out lingering, it’s seemed as if they might hook up all season. Instead of attempting to charm her, he whimpers about his lack of professional prospects and eventually gets punched in the face by two guys whom Jessa had teased. The odd couple goes to the hospital, which is where Jeff breaks down completely. His head buried in Jessa’s lap, he miserably requests that they spend the night together. Jessa rebuffs him, saying, “I can’t do this kind of thing anymore.”And here, in the emergency room waiting area, is honest-to-God personal growth. Ten CCs of exquisitely rendered character development, stat! It was just last episode that Jessa poisoned a relationship to feel better about herself. She could have easily done the same to Jeff’s marriage, and yet, she did not. Brava.And, finally, the ghost of relationships future: our man in Brooklyn, Adam.Upon entering the party, Hannah runs into Adam. She’s never seen him outside his house before; she’s never even seen him fully clothed. She spies him dancing with his lesbian friend Tako—is she his “best dyke friend who works for a dick doctor”?—and darts behind a wall to get a better look. He calls out to her to come join them, but she turns and runs away.Tako later finds Hannah by the bar, introduces herself, and asks Hannah if she wants something to drink. Hannah’s adamant refusal of the offer leads Tako to believe that Hannah knows Adam through Alcoholics Anonymous. Hannah does not know him through Alcoholics Anonymous—she does not even know he is in Alcoholics Anonymous. “That’s the main defining thing about him, isn’t it?” Tako asks. “Well that, and his love of books.” Certainly not! To Hannah, the defining thing about Adam is his behavior toward Hannah. Adam’s characterization on the show closely resembles that of the ambiguously employed, friendless, personality-less girlfriend wife in 95 percent of other television shows and movies.Later, after the injurious end of a bike ride, Hannah confronts Adam about his membership in A.A., and he rightly, righteously tells her off.Adam: “You never ask me anything, besides ‘does this feel okay?’ or ‘do you like my skirt?’ or ‘how much is your rent?’ I’m not gonna fuckin’ talk your ear off about shit you don’t ask about. You don’t wanna know me. You want to come over in the night and have me fuck the dog shit out of you, then you wanna leave then write about it in your diary. You don’t wanna know me.Hannah: Do you even think about me when I’m not there?Adam defenders, last night was our night. From this day forth, May the 27 shall be known as Stop Blaming Every Bad Thing About the Hannah–Adam Relationship on Adam Day (Observed).

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Photo: Painting (Courtesy of Neue Galerie); D. James Dee: Pillow. To coincide with its must-see show on the Brücke artists (February 26–June 29), the Neue Galerie New York has collaborated with Madeleine Weinrib to create a collection of exquisite Ikat cushions and vintage Suzani throws exclusively for the museum shop. This vividly colored collection is reminiscent of the exotic Asian and African textiles that would have decorated the Brücke artists’ studios and michael kors sunglasses prescription also of the vibrant colors found in their paintings. Pillow, $500, and Suzanis, $6,000 each. Neue Galerie New York; (212) 994-9496. Otto und Maschka Mueller im Atellier, by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, is currently on display. 

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Photo: Courtesy of Michael Frahm David SzetoBrussels is not the world’s most glamorous city, but it’s a place that designer David Szeto is more than happy to call home. “I feel quite disconnected,” says Szeto contentedly, having moved his operation to the Belgian capital from Paris two years ago. “It reminds me of growing up in Vancouver, when I used to daydream about big cities like New York. In a way, being on the periphery makes me more creative.” The michael kors iphone clutch amazon Canadian designer has held on to that outsider status over the years, quietly perfecting his craft behind closed doors with private commissions before launching his own label in 2004.  He took his business online for the first time this season, giving the elegant women devoted to his signature hand-draped, bias-cut dresses—like French siren Audrey Tautou—a virtual place to find him. Szeto started blogging a few years ago and plans to launch an Internet magazine in 2011. “People have been telling me to do a show for years, but this has been the best interface for me to connect with my customers,” he says. And that means if you happen to fall for one of his gorgeous smocked silk blouses this season, he’ll make another in your favorite color upon e-request. His spring 2011 collection comes peppered with brightly colored custom prints and is inspired by Szeto’s wanderlust for far-flung places. While the terra-cotta and turquoise wood-block patterns were directly influenced by a recent trip to India, Szeto prefers to travel to those exotic destinations in his mind. “I have never been to Africa,” he says, citing Morocco as a starting point. “But often I find it more interesting to explore the idea of a place versus the reality—looking from the outside in.”david-szeto.com